Lavender Marshmallow Review

The merging of two unexpected flavors- lavender and marshmallow- make this mouthwatering blend a special treat.





Fragrance Review

I am having a somewhat difficult time determining what I think of this candle. I like it… I think. I’m not sure though. It has a somewhat “grandmotherly” smell. Floral but not musky with a sort of powdery note to it. It is very light though, not overpowering. I can’t distinctly find the marshmallow in it… It’s not like a fluffy marshmallow cream or anything like that. It’s, again, more of a light powdery note. I’m still debating whether I’ll burn this candle or return it. I’m afraid if I do burn it, I won’t like it. But I’m also afraid that, much like Lavender Macaroon a few years ago… It will prove to be a hit.

Packaging Review

I love the packaging for the entire Spring Street Sweet Shop Collection. The pastel shades, delectable treats, gingham trim, and quaint scroll work give them a very sweet, delicate look… Like an old fashioned bakery, sweet shop, or soda shop. Very vintage. On this candle specifically I love the colorful marshmallows on the label! They are vibrant and beautiful, and all in shades that complement the wax shade which I love as well. [please note the first portion of this packaging review is applicable to the entire Spring Street Sweet Shop collection and repeated on the reviews of other candles in this collection.]

Lavender Marshmallow is a new candle recently released at select Bath and Body Works test stores as of late November 2013. This candle is in the Spring Street Sweet Shop Collection, which is one of the six collections currently testing for Spring and Summer 2014. As this candle is currently in test phase there is no guarantee that it will launch nationwide. If it does the estimated release date is around January or February, in time for Valentine’s Day.




The product reviewed in this post was a personal purchase. This review was based on an in depth analysis of the product. The opinions here are my own and freely given. I am in no way compensated for providing this review.


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  1. Kevin M St.Marie says:

    i’m not quite sure on this candle myself, although I was pleasantly surprised with Party Dress. Was hoping it was a little more on the Marshmallowy side.

  2. Is it at all like Lavender Macaroon/Caramel? I’ve been looking for something similar ever since….

    • Cia Arielle says:

      I actually never paid much attention to Lavender Macaroon… That was actually before I bought candles, so I only ever took a brief sniff.

    • Cia Arielle says:

      Honestly I barely remember lavender macaroon. Except I was the only one who didn’t care for it back then lol.

  3. you wouldn’t be willing to sell this to me would you?

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